The Beautiful Broaches!

The Broaches make everything better don't they?!  They certainly make me look good!  I know many of you have fallen in love with this bunch as you've followed their story over the past few years.  They certainly won my heart over in no time.  I'm happy to share them with you having a blast over on my side of town =)

A porcelain doll....

This is my 2nd time to photograph this sweetie, but this time she is toddling around and can get away from the grown ups with no problem!  She is precious, tiny, and fast :)

I want to put them in my pocket

The Villeres never disappoint.  I love shooting this family just as they are.  They are comfortable, playful, joyful, and real.  I always enjoy perusing their images after our shoot because they allow me to capture the truth of their life as a young family of 5.  Real life can be so sweet with these blonde cuties.