She makes the world a happy place

I've had the privilege of getting to know this sweetheart over the past several years and life in her innocent world is always fun, colorful, and carefree.  She is as sweet as they come, but it's to be expected knowing how kind and generous her parents are.  It's a pretty awesome perk of the job to get to have playdates with adorable kids and watch them grow year after year.

Baby Love

Heartspun is in the throes of the fall rush, but I have several summer shoots to catch you up before posting the flurry of fall and winter bunnies coming to you soon!  So, there will be lots of action on the Heartspun Blog in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!

The Epsteins are Heartspun Newbies, but I hope they come back to see me soon now that they have the perfect excuse for regular picture-taking.  Their little sweetie has snuggled her way into mommy and daddy's hearts.  There's no turning back :)

There's no place like home

The Schultz family is always fun for me to photograph and I always look forward to seeing them.  They are all characters in their own rite which makes it all the better.  I feel like I'm shooting long-time friends when I'm with them.  Every shoot we've had together we have shot in their home so it's been fun to chronicle the kids in their home as they grown and change.  But, they are now enjoying a new home in a different part of town and I'm certain that it will also be a place where good memories are made.   Happy nesting, Eric and Karen!

You see Hailey's squinty face?  It was her signature look our entire shoot :)

We always get cuddly shots on the bed!

A quick stroll to the park.  Love the pop of primary colors.

The sweetest shot of the day...